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Thinkin' Lincoln Classic
The Greatest Road Trip in American History
Telling the Lincoln Highway Story in a New Way
BIG Blue Blocks arrive at Lincoln Highway Experience

Thinkin' Lincoln Classic

On Friday, March 1, 2019 come experience this new fun event  where you'll:

       - meet other interesting people around a blazing fire;

       - join forces with teammates to snag the 2019 Thinkin' Lincoln Trophy

       - enjoy hearty homemade soups, warm desserts, and hot drinks

       - listen to relaxing guitar tunes.

$15.00 per person   Register online, Click Gift Shop, then Event Tickets

                             Register by phone call 724-879-4241

The Greatest Road Trip in American History

1919 convoy photosOn July 7, 1919 an assemblage of 300 men with 81 vehicles left Washington D.C. to prove that an army convoy could travel across the United States. After a journey filled with accidents, trucks breaking through bridges, roads of four feet deep mud and a fake Indian attack by a future president, they arrived in San Francisco 62 days later. The convoy would have a significant impact on the transportation history of the nation that is still being felt today. Dr. Fred Gantz has currated a new exhibit for our museum about this historic 1919 convoy.


Telling the Lincoln Highway Story in a New Way

Providing a Better Visitor Experience

Visitors listening to the TourmateVisitors to the Lincoln Highway Experience will have a deeper and richer visitor experience because of our Tour-Mate system.  This professionally produced audio tour provides a fully integrated interpretive experience for visitors.  In addition to the basic Lincoln Highway story, it provides a compelling ‘back story’ in a fun and engaging way; even appropriate sound effects are included!  But, staff and volunteers are always on hand to provide additional information when requested.  Many National Parks, attractions, and museums have been using this unique visitor tool for several years.  Now, visitors to our museum can enjoy the same unique experience!  (Support for the Tour-Mate Audio System is, in part, from the Westmoreland County Tourism Grant Program that is administered by the Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau, and the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor.)

BIG Blue Blocks arrive at Lincoln Highway Experience

child blue blocksImagine a playground with just a few kids engaged, while others wait for their turn to swing or go down the slide.    

  • Now imagine a portable/pop-up playground with 165 soft, super-sized pieces of blue foam shapes that are stored in two containers on wheels that can be unloaded in 5 minutes.
  • Finally, imagine the awesome experience ALL children will have when they play with them at the same time; there’s no waiting! These big blue blocks inspire children to design their own inventions and to work together.  The blocks create an environment of open-ended, free play.

The Lincoln Highway Experience museum will be creating a safe designated outdoor space for little ones and their Big Blue Blocks.  Watch for more information on special days for different age groups; as well as when the Blocks ‘travel’ to Lincoln Highway Schools and Communities along our 200-mile Corridor.   (Support for the Imagination Playground is, in part, from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Partnership Program and the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor.)

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